How to Wash a Harley-Davidson

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Most Harley-Davidson owners throughout the Albany and Lebanon area are aware how important it is to clean a motorcycle. However, some may not know how to wash a motorcycle properly. Timber Town Harley-Davidson in Salem is here to help! Our service team has a guide on how to wash a Harley-Davidson properly with a few simple steps. Be sure to browse our parts to see how you can further customer your ride. Read on to learn how to wash a Harley-Davidson. 

How to Wash a Motorcycle: Preparation and Supplies 

Before you pull your Harley-Davidson out for a good wash, be sure you have the right supplies and prep the vehicle for cleaning. Anytime you clean a motorcycle, ensure the engine is cooled down or hasn’t been ridden that day. Also, avoid washing your Harley-Davidson in any beautiful sunny Portland weather, you’ll need to clean it in a shaded area. Now that you have some prep steps, here are the supplies you’ll need to clean a motorcycle: 

  • Wash mitt 
  • Microfiber detailing cloth 
  • Softstrips 
  • Softcloth 
  • Soft drying towel 
  • 2 Water buckets 
  • Soft detailing pad 
  • Wheel & spoke brush 
  • HOG Blaster motorcycle dryer 
  • Harley-Davidson Bug Remover
  • Harley-Davidson Wheel & Tire Cleaner 
  • Harley-Davidson Sunwash Bike Soap 
  • Harley-Davidson Glaze Polish & Sealant

How to Wash a Motorcycle: Simple Steps

There’s a few steps to take to properly clean a motorcycle. Here’s how to wash a Harley-Davidson:

  1. Pre-wash your Bike- rinse from the bottom up 
  2. Rinse your wheels and tires off
  3. Spray the Wheel & Tire cleaner, allow it to sit for one minute 
  4. Use your soft detailing pad or wheel & spoke brush to scrub 
  5. Rinse off Wheel & Tire cleaner 
  6. Add the Sunwash concentrate into one water bucket
  7. Fill up the second water bucket with clean water 
  8. Place your wash mitt in the bucket of concentrate then clean from top to bottom
  9. Use the bug remover when needed 
  10. Rinse once more 
  11. Use the soft drying towel to dry all surfaces or HOG Blaster for faster results 
  12. Wring the towel out often then continue wiping until dry 
  13. Add the Harley-Davidson Glaze Polish & Sealant to your microfiber cloth then follow the bottle’s directions for perfect buffing 

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Now that you know how to wash a Harley-Davidson correctly, be sure to contact us if you’re in need of any of the equipment needed to wash your Harley-Davidson.

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