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How to Change a Motorcycle Tire

If you’re one of the many motorcycle riders around Portland, it’s important to know how to change a motorcycle tire. Keeping up with regular maintenance—especially when it comes to your tires—is critical for the safety of everyone who shares the Albany roadways. Take a look at how to remove a motorcycle tire with the expert technicians at Timber Town Harley-Davidson, and feel free to contact us anytime for more DIY bike maintenance tips!

Changing Your Motorcycle Tire

It can be difficult to change a tire on your bike on your own, so if you would like to have it done by a professional, feel free to schedule service with our technicians today. If you do undertake this task at home, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Remove the Wheel: Take the wheel off your motorcycle, and inspect the rim to make sure it’s in good shape.
  2. Deflate the Tire: Remove the valve stem core and deflate the tire to avoid damaging the rim. 
  3. Break the Bead: To hold the tire to the rim, break the bead to safely remove the rubber. 
  4. Remove the Tire: Remove the tire and place it safely aside, and then continue to the next step.
  5. Remove the Tube: Remove the tube from the rim by unbolting the valve stem.
  6. Inspect the Rim: Now that the tire is removed, carry out a thorough inspection of the rim to make sure it’s in good enough shape to accept the new tire.
  7. Coat the Edges of the New Tire: Whether you do the task yourself or entrust it to Lebanon technicians, it’s necessary to place a bead of lube on the inner edge of the new tire to help it easily apply to the rim without any damage.
  8. Install Rim Strip: To protect your tire from damage, add a rim strip if needed. 
  9. Install the tire: You will need special tools to properly install the tire and easily place it securely onto the rim.
  10. Add the Tube: For tubed tires, install the new tube between the rubber and the rim.
  11. Complete Installation: Put the other end of the tire securely on the rim, and place the valve stem into position. 
  12. Inspect: Before inflating the tire, double-check to make sure everything was done properly.
  13. Inflate the Tire: Finally, inflate the tire to the recommended PSI set by the manufacturer. 

Schedule Tire Service at Timber Town Harley-Davidson Today!

Now that you know when to change motorcycle tires, you’re likely wondering where to buy motorcycle tires. Luckily, our parts department in Salem has you covered! If you’re still unsure about changing your tires on your own, bring your bike over to the Timber Town Harley-Davidson service center to have them changed by our experts! Be sure to browse our service specials to save on your next maintenance appointment near Corvallis.

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