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Riding in the Rain

If you own a bike, sooner or later you’ll find yourself riding your motorcycle in rain — or even a serious storm. With the right gear, unexpected weather events don’t need to get in the way of a great ride. At Timber Town Harley-Davidson, we stock a wide selection of genuine H-D motorcycle rain gear to protect you and your bike, rain or shine!

Essential Motorcycle Rain Gear

If rain is in the forecast, be prepared with water-resistant outerwear and other essential motorcycle rain gear. Here are a few points to keep in mind when it comes to riding a bike in rain:

  • If there’s a chance of rain, avoid leather outerwear. Waterproof outer layers like a one-piece rain suit offer the best protection from moisture and will keep you dry even on long rides to Lebanon.
  • Waterproof riding gloves are a great addition to your motorcycle rain gear collection and can be considered crucial to staying safe while riding a motorcycle in rain. When your hands are slippery and cold, it’s harder to control your bike.
  • A full-face helmet — ideally with a waterproof coating — offers protection against debris and water spraying into your face, and will maximize visibility on the road in Albany.

How To Prepare for Riding Your Bike in the Rain

Safely riding a motorcycle in rain also involves making a few adjustments to your bike itself. Even minor mechanical issues can have a major impact when Portland roads are wet and slippery. Before you ride your bike in the rain, we recommend that you perform a thorough pre-inspection: 

  • Tires – Check the tread depth of your tires to be sure that they will be able to grip the road effectively, even on slick road surfaces. Also check that the tires are inflated to the proper pressure level, which you can find in your owner’s manual.
  • Fluid Levels – Check the level of fluids such as engine oil and brake fluid, and top off any that are on the low side.
  • Lights – Test all lights on the front and rear of your bike to be sure that you will be visible to drivers.
  • Test Ride – Tackle your bike out for a quick ride to be sure that it can accelerate, turn, and brake normally.

Gear Up for Rainy Riding with Timber Town Harley-Davidson

Questions about what gear you need to stay safe while riding a motorcycle in rain? We’re here to assist. Contact our team to learn more about genuine Harley-Davidson Hi-Vis waterproofs and outerwear. Browse our selection of motorcycle rain gear online, or visit us in Salem to explore our selection of high-quality Harley-Davidson performance sportswear for yourself!

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