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How to Get a Motorcycle License in Oregon

Whether you’re getting a motorcycle license for the first time or you’ve recently moved states, it’s a good idea to learn more about how to get a motorcycle license in Oregon. That’s because each state sets its own rules and requirements.

What’s referred to as an “Oregon motorcycle license” is actually an Oregon motorcycle endorsement that’s added to your regular driver’s license. To get an Oregon motorcycle license, you’ll first need to apply for a motorcycle permit. With a permit, you’re allowed to operate a motorcycle on Portland roads while under the supervision of another rider aged 21 or over who holds a valid Oregon motorcycle endorsement.

How To Get a Motorcycle Permit in Oregon

First, let’s take a look at the requirements for a permit. To apply for a motorcycle permit in Oregon, you must:

  • Be 16 or older;
  • Hold a valid Oregon Driver's License;
  • Make an appointment or visit a DMV office for standby service;
  • Show proof of your residence address and identity;
  • Pass the motorcycle knowledge test;
  • Pass a vision test; and
  • Pay the permit fee.

The guide below from Timber Town Harley-Davidson covers everything you need to know about how to get a motorcycle license in Oregon — from permit and license requirements to how much you can expect to pay to add a motorcycle endorsement to your driver’s license.

Follow These Steps to Get Your Oregon Motorcycle Endorsement

In Oregon, a motorcycle endorsement is required to hit the road legally in Albany or Lebanon. (A motorcycle is defined as a motorized vehicle that goes over 30 mph on level ground, or has an engine over 50 cubic centimeters.)

To summarize, you’ll need to take the following steps to obtain your Oregon motorcycle license:

  1. Hold a valid Oregon driver’s license
  2. Meet all requirements for an Oregon motorcycle license
  3. Take and pass a riding course
  4. Pass a road test and a written test
  5. Apply for a motorcycle permit
  6. Apply for an Oregon motorcycle endorsement to be added to your driver’s license

If you meet the requirements and pass the rider education course, a motorcycle endorsement will be added to your driver’s license!

Oregon Motorcycle License Requirements

You know how to get a motorcycle license in Oregon, but what exactly are the requirements? To qualify for an Oregon motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license, you’ll need to:

  • Pass the rider education course from TEAM OREGON. (All basic and intermediate Team Oregon courses are approved for the state’s mandatory training requirement);
  • Provide a Real ID if needed;
  • Make an appointment or visit a DMV office for standby service;
  • Bring your TEAM OREGON completion card (if applicable);
  • Show proof of your residence address and identity (and any additional documents required for a Real ID);
  • Pass the motorcycle knowledge test (if applicable);
  • Pass a vision test;
  • Pay the fees that apply; and
  • Get your picture taken.

Oregon Motorcycle License Costs & Fees

In addition to knowing how to get a motorcycle license, you’ll need to prepare for the cost of Oregon motorcycle license training and testing. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • The TEAM OREGON Basic Rider Course is approved for beginners. You will receive eight hours of on-cycle instruction, accompanied by at-home classroom sessions. The course meets Oregon’s mandatory training requirements for all new license applicants, and the cost of tuition is $229.
  • The motorcycle knowledge test costs $5 each time you take it.

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