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How To Get Your Bike Ready For Spring

If you opted out of riding your motorcycle in Portland’s frigid winter temps, it will need a little extra attention come spring. Your motorcycle inspection checklist should include a thorough cleaning, as well as maintenance items like testing the battery, cleaning the chain, checking motorcycle oil, topping off fluid levels, and more. We’ll go over everything you need to know about how to get your motorcycle ready for spring in the guide below!

Spring Motorcycle Inspection Checklist

To ensure safe springtime riding in Albany, follow this motorcycle inspection checklist after taking your bike out of winter storage:

  • Change the oil: Even if you changed the oil last fall while winterizing your motorcycle, checking motorcycle oil again in the spring is a step you shouldn’t skip. Because condensation may have built up on the oil reservoir during the winter months, it’s best to change the oil again before your first ride of the new year.
  • Check for tire wear and cracks in the rubber: Determine the level of tread wear by looking at the tire wear bars—little bumps or bars that are typically located in the tire grooves. You should also make sure that the tires don’t have any balding areas or cracks. If you notice cracks or wear, replace your tires.
  • Check fluid levels and quality: Fluids that sit in reservoirs over the winter can deteriorate, so you’ll need to inspect your bike’s hydraulic and brake fluids. If any fluids look dirty or seem thicker than they were when new, replace them.
  • Battery: If your motorcycle battery spent the winter in a warm, dry place and plugged into a trickle charger, it should be good to go for spring. Still, you should test it to make sure it holds a charge properly—and replace it if not.
  • Make sure that brake lights, indicators, and gauges light up: Plug in your battery and check that everything lights up. If not, contact a Lebanon-area dealer to order replacement bulbs.
  • Inspect and oil your chain: If rust has formed on your motorcycle chain or sprockets, clean it off. Then, warm up your bike with a quick ride before oiling the chain. Now is also a good time to check the chain tension and sprockets.

What If I Didn’t Winterize My Motorcycle?

It’s not the end of the world—but you will have to do a bit more work to get your bike ready to ride for spring. Here’s how to get your motorcycle ready for spring if you didn’t winterize your bike:

  • Drain the fuel tank and check the fuel. If you see grit floating in the fuel, flush the fuel tank to clear out any rust that may have formed in the reservoir.
  • Examine the exhaust and air intake system before starting your engine. If your bike was stored without a cover, small animals could be hunkered inside. 
  • Add a fuel stabilizer. Even if you’ve flushed the fuel system, stale fuel can remain in the reservoir and cause engine misfires.
  • Charge or replace the battery. If your battery was left on the bike all winter, it will need a full charge at the very least. If it’s more than a few years old, you’ll probably need to replace it.

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