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How to Load a Motorcycle on a Truck

Whether you’re breaking your bike out of storage and gearing up for spring riding or you want to bring it along to your favorite camping spot, you’ll need to know how to load a motorcycle on a truck safely. We’ve got the answers you need below—plus, details on topics like how to tie down a motorcycle for transport and which type of motorcycle loading ramp and trailer you should buy.

Selecting a Motorcycle Trailer

Learning how to tie down a motorcycle is a lot easier if you have the right type of trailer—and a bike that’s secured properly will be protected no matter what conditions you encounter on the road from Portland to Lebanon. We highly recommend that you get a trailer dedicated to carrying motorcycles. Flatbed trailers made for this purpose have a lower loading height, which means that you won’t need as long of a ramp as you would with a higher trailer. 

Selecting a Motorcycle Loading Ramp

When you start shopping for a motorcycle loading ramp, you’ll notice that some are arched and others bend in one spot at an angle. We suggest the arched type, which combines multiple grades into a smooth curve. This softer grade makes it easier to ease the weight of the bike from the ramp to the truck bed and reduces the risk of damage to your bike presented by a break-over angle.

How to Tie Down a Motorcycle: Step By Step

  1. Get a dedicated motorcycle loading ramp and trailer.
  2. If possible, back your truck up to a hill or ditch.
  3. Remove the tailgate.
  4. Loading your bike onto your truck alone? Make sure your ramp is wide enough to walk up. You can also use a step to climb up into the truck bed.
  5. If you’re working with a friend, team up to get the bike in position and move it.
  6. Use strong ties to secure the motorcycle. This is an important step, so be sure to reach out to our team for details on exactly ​​how to tie down a motorcycle to your truck bed.
  7. Check on your bike regularly while en route to your destination to make sure it’s still secure.

Learn More About Your Bike in Salem 

We love to ride at Timber Town Harley-Davidson, and we’re here for you if there’s anything you need to know about protecting and maintaining your Harley. Don’t hesitate to visit us near Albany—or ask our service center technicians for more info on winterizing and washing your bike, step-by-step guides to basic DIY maintenance like oil changes, and more!

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